Engaging Keynote Speaker - Jay Johnson

People learn best when they participate in the experience. Learning also occurs when they laugh and let themselves become immersed in the talk. Creating this environment is why Jay is considered such an engaging keynote speaker; he actively promotes interaction and humor in all of his performances.


Event planners and conference organizers love working with Jay. He is flexible, low maintenance, high value, and delivers an interactive keynote that will have your attendees talking for years. Jay dedicates himself to providing the experience that clients are seeking, ensuring that their audiences are both engaged and walk away with actionable, valuable skills and knowledge. Jay also takes a painstaking effort to customize his approach for every audience. If you want your attendees to walk away from your event with that “WOW” factor, look no further and connect with Jay today!

Here are Jay’s signature talks. Connect with Jay to customize an experience you won’t forget.

I just attended a presentation by speaker, Jay Johnson… It was outstanding in the relevance of the topic about understanding behavior in individuals in groups to be more effective and successful. It was clear, concise, a little humorous and engaging. All the right stuff for adult learning! We were in an audience of over 150 on a virtual presentation with tremendous interaction and enthusiasm for the program!

Bobbie Soeder

Sr. VP of Business & Organizational Development

When you have an event that people talk about for days, weeks, or longer after an event (in a good way), then you know the speaker was outstanding! … His combination of enthusiasm and audience engagement made the sessions enjoyable to the audience and, most importantly, helped them gain the knowledge and skills they need to grow their business.

Mark Tremper

Marketing and Business Development

Jay is an energetic, creative thinker who was willing to dig deeply into our business and identify our needs – some of which we didn’t understand ourselves!

Charlie Fleetham