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Psychological Safety – Building High-Performance Teams

Behavior, Business, Leadership
About This Project

Psychological Safety – Building High-Performance Teams


Psychological safety is critical to a number of organizational goals including innovation, growth, and high-performance teams. Without it, organizations fall. With it, organizations thrive. But how do we create it? By improving our Behavioral Intelligence, creating a psychologically safe environment is within your organization’s grasp.


Diversity and inclusion are known to foster innovation, expanded creativity, unique approaches to solving problems, and better business practices in general. However, without developing an environment of safety, the value of diversity and inclusion can be lost in anxiety and uncertainty. People become reluctant to speak up or engage for fear of ridicule or reprisal. Organizations and leaders who value diversity and inclusion are best served by developing a culture of safety and security for high-performance teams to engage and thrive.


Through this psychological safety keynote, training, or coaching program, audiences learn to diagnose, address, and foster safety into their teams, generating exponential growth and development. High-performance teams benefit from increased trust, aligned purpose, and better decision-making when each member knows how to foster emotional and behavioral safety.


Business and organizational success are rooted in people and teams.  Jay Johnson is ready to provide your audience with one of the most exciting and thought-provoking talks on the subject.