Building Better Relationships with Effective Communication


I have always been fascinated by the idea of effective communication, so much so that I studied it with the hopes that I would find the magic formula for building better relationships. I thought that the right word at the right time would carry me to victory in work and life. It was much later that I realized that despite all of the importance that we place on communication, it is a broken and incomplete system. Let me explain…


We assume that our messages are clear. We assume that if we speak the same language, that we can understand each other. We assume that when we listen, we are truly comprehending what the other person means. Experience and research have taught me that this is not necessarily the case. Each of us hears and speaks messages from our own perspective and our own worldview. So how can we ever truly understand each other and build effective relationships?


Not all is lost, but we need to rethink what effective communication is and what it is not. While it is one of the most important skills for leaders, employees, and professionals, it is not something that we can switch on like a light bulb. In my work traveling the globe and communicating across various cultures with various communication styles, I have found that communication is highly personal and requires a particular set of behavioral skills to enhance effectiveness. Thankfully, these skills can be learned quite quickly with the right guidance. This talk shares those skills in a fun and exciting way, pointing out the challenges that we take for granted and bringing to light the opportunities we so often miss to really connect with other people.


In this exciting and entertaining empowerment opportunity, participants and audiences will explore styles and stories of interactions in the work environment. I am excited to share decades of research and experience to crack the code of effective communication and open up opportunities for building better relationships. Contact me today for a transformative experience in this engaging and fully interactive talk!