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Effective Communication: Building Better Relationships

Behavior, Business, Leadership
About This Project


Effective communication is simultaneously the most important and most difficult element to master in the work environment. It is an essential skill for leaders, employees, and professionals and is often one of the least developed skills. Relationships, collaboration, and high-performance teamwork are all completely dependant on people’s communication skills and abilities. Organizations with well-trained, effective communicators will thrive while conflicts will plague the entity that does not sharpen its communication efficacy.


In this exciting and entertaining empowerment opportunity, participants and audiences will explore essential communication functions to gain a better understanding of interactions in the work environment. Jay Johnson is ready to lead you through an engaging, interactive performance, participants will learn and experience the nuances that limit communication effectiveness and explore specific tools to overcome them.


With a heavy focus on body language best practices, message development, active listening, and matching communication styles via the Behavioral Elements framework, you will enjoy a transformative experience in this engaging learning event. Past participants universally love this talk as it is simultaneously hilarious and thought-provoking, all while providing immediately usable skills and knowledge to help them advance their relationships both personally and professionally.


Connect with Jay and schedule the effective communication keynote as your next empowerment opportunity. Your audience will thank you!