Leading People: The Drivers of Human Motivation and Behavior

Leading People – The Drivers of Human Motivation and Behavior

We live in a world that needs better leadership, but leading people in the modern organizational environment can be a daunting challenge. People have exceptionally high expectations and increasingly complex needs. Today, in a fast-changing and globalized world, leadership is not calculated by title, but rather by behavior.


Having served in leadership positions in government, nonprofit, education, and corporate environments, I wish I could say that all of the ventures were successful. However, we tend to learn more from failure; in this talk, I share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Experience taught me that success comes by focusing on people – the one constant in every organization and every profession. Once I truly started to understand the motivations and drives that foster different behaviors, it was like a beautiful new world had opened up. This motivational talk will give participants a better understanding of themselves and others, along with immediately usable tools and tactics to assist them in maneuvering the jungles of modern-day leadership.


I have used my experience to help others across the world in elevating their leadership, empowering their people, and building better cultures. Having worked with Fortune 100 companies, governments, and nonprofit organizations alike, I am excited to share not only my own stories but also the unique case studies of organizations and influencers who have taken the call of leading people with behavioral intelligence. Take your leadership to the next level and contact me today!