We all deserve to work in a culture where people #BehaveIntelligently

“Experience tells me people can change. It takes effort and guidance, but we all have the ability to become the person we want to be. Sometimes, we just need to be encouraged to take the first step.” – Jay Johnson

Transformational Change

The only constant in every organization, every profession, and every industry is people. That is why Jay has dedicated his life to pursuing an authentic and meaningful understanding of behavior and its application to organizational transformation. From dealing with difficult people to building relationships fostering trust and understanding, Jay provides exhilarating and dynamic talks that accelerate behavioral change in individuals and organizations. Jay’s interactive and engaging style inspires action, bringing focus to the source of performance and culture - behavior. From small groups to packed auditoriums, in-person or online, Jay packages his message in a way that is accessible and resonates with audiences of any level. Book Jay today and start a journey toward behavioral excellence!

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Elevated Performance

After nearly every public engagement, Jay is approached and asked how to go deeper into behavioral transformation. He leverages a combination of research and substantive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and global non-profits. In doing so, Jay provides customized, continuous learning and coaching options to foster high-performance teams. Recognizing that strong teams make or break successful organizations, Jay developed behavior-based programs to manage conflict, improve communication, and create a positive culture of trust. Whether working with leadership, sales teams, organizational divisions, or frontline customer-facing groups, Jay provides vital insights that help teams overcome barriers and empower growth. Book Jay today and fast-track your team’s growth and success.

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Empowered Growth

In Jay’s experience, people have a strong desire to be better today than they were yesterday and better tomorrow than they were today. He believes that everyone can experience growth and improvement. However, we may need some guidance to get there. With more than two decades of research and experience in communication, psychology, and neuroscience, Jay shares his knowledge and immediately-applicable tactics to facilitate behavioral evolution across a wide variety of topics and mediums. Through podcast interviews, guest authorships, and panel discussions, Jay’s expert and relevant contributions have assisted many organizations provide cutting-edge content to their audiences.

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I just attended a presentation by speaker, Jay Johnson… It was outstanding in the relevance of the topic about understanding behavior in individuals in groups to be more effective and successful. It was clear, concise, a little humorous and engaging. All the right stuff for adult learning! We were in an audience of over 150 on a virtual presentation with tremendous interaction and enthusiasm for the program!

Bobbie Soeder

Sr. VP of Business & Organizational Development

When you have an event that people talk about for days, weeks, or longer after an event (in a good way), then you know the speaker was outstanding! … His combination of enthusiasm and audience engagement made the sessions enjoyable to the audience and, most importantly, helped them gain the knowledge and skills they need to grow their business.

Mark Tremper

Marketing and Business Development

Jay is an energetic, creative thinker who was willing to dig deeply into our business and identify our needs – some of which we didn’t understand ourselves!

Charlie Fleetham


Why Planners & Leaders Choose Jay

The success of an event often rides on how well the speaker connects with the audience. Jay understands this and respects the risk that event planners, Chief Culture Officers, and organizational leaders make when they bring in a speaker.


This is why Jay dedicates himself to exceeding his audience’s expectations. Jay is a crowd-pleaser in every industry as he knows that the only constant in every organization, every profession, and every team is people.  He is easy to work with and his talks inspire change. His interactive style and humorous approach keep audiences engaged and wanting more.


From small groups to packed auditoriums, in-person or online, Jay resonates with audiences at an authentic level. Book Jay today and inspire a journey toward behavioral excellence!

Together we can overcome difficult people and behaviors, transforming the way people communicate, engage, and lead.

“By focusing on behavior, businesses can benefit from a better understanding of their customers, their employees and, ultimately, their organizational culture.” – Jay Johnson, Forbes 2021

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