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Jay Johnson’s award-winning presentations are engaging and energetic, while still empowering audiences with immediately usable skills to build stronger relationships, enhance influence, and lead effectively.

Speaking Engagements

Your organization’s success is built on the skills of your people. Jay provides award-winning trainings on a variety of critical topics designed to improve all aspects of human performance. From small groups to packed auditoriums, in-person or online, he focuses on improving behaviors and elevating knowledge. Whether you require a short seminar or multi-day sessions, his approach keeps audiences of all ages both engaged and entertained!

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Drawing on successful relationships with professional athletes, managers of Fortune 500 companies, congresspersons, and non-profit leaders, Jay bring the skills and innovative techniques to help you advance on a personal level. He inspires people to become the best self they can be. Jay works with you to co-create a winning plan to elevate your skills, abilities, and confidence – leading you to exceed your next personal milestone.

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Expert Contribution

With decades of experience in behavior, communication, neuroscience, psychology, sales, and organizational management, Jay is always happy to share his expertise with your audiences. Whether it be podcast appearances, guest authorship, or panel discussions, his knowledgable and timely contributions can assist you in providing the latest, most innovative content to your audiences.

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About Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson has given keynotes and workshops in 20 countries across 4 continents, empowering audiences with a unique perspective on behavior, communication, and leadership. Jay works with Fortune 100 companies and national organizations to help their people Behave Intelligently. His delivery style is engaging and fun, all while giving audiences immediately usable skills to build stronger relationships, enhance influence, and lead effectively.

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Sample Keynotes, Talks, and Training Programs

Jay Johnson is a highly skilled educator, presenter, and coach… Jay is also the most knowledgeable educator and coach I know when it comes to Behavioral Intelligence. He is a student of this work which allows him to constantly learn and share his insights with his team and clients. I have had the great privilege to receive coaching from Jay and he has helped me recognize and grow in personal opportunities ranging from networking, public speaking, emotional intelligence, motivation and influence.

Laura Reiners

Director of Community Relations

When you have an event that people talk about for days, weeks, or longer after an event (in a good way), then you know the speaker was outstanding! … His combination of enthusiasm and audience engagement made the sessions enjoyable to the audience and, most importantly, helped them gain the knowledge and skills they need to grow their business.

Mark Tremper

Marketing and Business Development

Jay is an energetic, creative thinker who was willing to dig deeply into our business and identify our needs – some of which we didn’t understand ourselves!

Charlie Fleetham

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