People Can Change – A Journey to Behave Intelligently

From as far back as I can remember, I was fiercely competitive. From hockey player to mixed martial artist to competitive debater in college – I was driven by perfection and an insatiable appetite to win. Unfortunately, my competitive and confrontational nature would quickly become my “go-to” behavioral habit. This led to conflict, frustration, and stress in many aspects of my work and life. I was young and I had a lot to learn.


Change is hard, and too often we are not sure where or how to begin. Thankfully, I found a better path through some exceptional mentors who showed me how my behavior was limiting my growth.  I now pay it forward and guide people and organizations in solving problems with behavioral science.


We sometimes forget that we have the power to change. I am grateful to those that guided me along the way to transformation. It is a difficult road, but one that also carries the greatest of rewards. Inspiring others to take the first step gives me a sense of purpose.

Motivational keynote speaker - Jay Johnson

“There is no greater joy than hearing from a participant about how the talk inspired and empowered them to make changes in their life.”

Behaving intelligently is simply applying the right behaviors, at the right time, in the right context. As simple as it sounds, it proves to be a daunting challenge in business. Conflict, disengagement, and poor culture can become rampant when behavior is left to chance. I share my story with audiences and organizations, empowering them with the tools to overcome the most complex human challenges.


Of course, I still like to win; the competitor in me never went away. However, now it is under control and deployed in a much more positive and productive way. My experience tells me that people can change. It takes effort and guidance, but we all can behave more intelligently today than we did yesterday.


I have a vision of a world where people and organizations behave intelligently, and I will not stop until that vision is realized. Every keynote, every workshop, every coaching engagement, and every consultation, I come one step closer to seeing that world exists. I hope you will consider working towards that future with me.

“Jay has an exceptional way of getting you engaged and involved and for me, that meant learning a lot which I am going to use in my everyday life.”

– Jenni Vidarsson, Consultant

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