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Motivational Influence – Persuasion Reimagined

Behavior, Business, Leadership
About This Project

Motivational Influence – Persuasion Reimagined

In today’s world, it is not enough to be persuasive – you need to have motivational influence. Whether you are in sales, leadership, purchasing, or negotiations, motivational influence is the ability to change beliefs, values, ideas, and perceptions in an ethically and productive manner. Getting people to yes is one thing, but doing so in a way that respects and builds relationships is entirely another.


In this provocative talk, Jay Johnson will challenge your assumptions on how to leverage influence and persuasion through a unique perspective of Behavioral Intelligence. Traditional sales and persuasion approaches are facing extinction as consumers and followers grow more knowledgeable and resistant to old practices. Don’t let you or your team come across as pushy, inconsiderate, or even manipulative by playing so-called hardball.


Leveraging cutting-edge research in behavioral science, psychology, and neuroscience, participants will learn the fundamental behaviors of acceptance, resistance, and motivation when it comes to influence and persuasion. Learning the core human drives through the Behavioral Elements model will help you get into the minds of your customers, followers, and stakeholders and learn to connect with them at a never-before-seen level. Engage them with motivational influence and watch the behavioral transformation happen before your very eyes.


Connect with Jay and learn to create behavioral change in a positive, ethical manner that leaves your counterpart feeling valued and appreciated!