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Change Your Stripes! A Journey Towards Behavioral Transformation

About This Project

Change Your Stripes! A Journey Towards Behavioral Transformation


Behavioral transformation starts with you. This interactive and humorous behavioral keynote, training, and coaching program gives people the ability to see the unseen, predict the unpredictable, and manage behaviors to produce the best possible results for their organization or team.


We have all heard the phrase that a tiger cannot change its stripes. Maybe not, but a tiger can modify its behavior to adapt to its environment. So can people. Statements such as, “that is just how I am” don’t tell the whole story. We need to acknowledge that through conditioning, training, and general awareness of our unique behavioral drivers, we can choose to behave in a way that better fits our environment. We can choose to behave intelligently.


Behavior is the root of all success and failure. People who demonstrate low Behavioral Intelligence will not find success, and most likely, will cause significant setbacks for any organization. But how can your audience develop this core ability? Through an understanding of human behavior, motivations, and drivers that we all share.


Take a stroll down the behavioral intelligence highway and empower your audience’s transformation. Reach out today for a no-cost discussion, your audience will thank you.