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Leading with Behavioral Intelligence

Behavior, Business, Leadership
About This Project

Leading with Behavioral Intelligence

Leading with Behavioral Intelligence will be a necessity in the modern organizational environment. Today, in a fast-changing and globalized world, leadership is not calculated by title, but rather by behavior. Leadership is no longer reserved for the upper levels of an organization; leadership is present and promoted throughout. This talk will empower you with effective behavioral strategies to improve your leadership capacity, overcome fears, and move beyond your own limits.

Learn from the stories of organizations and influencers who are leading with behavioral intelligence, empowering their followers, maximizing their growth, and building winning organizations. Having worked with Fortune 100 companies, governments, and nonprofit organizations alike, Jay Johnson will share his experience and knowledge and give you the tools and ideas to become a behaviorally intelligent leader.

From motivation to influence, to fostering strong organizational cultures and promoting Psychological Safety – The Lynchpin of Successful Teams, this talk will give leaders a new path to transformational leadership.

As part of this unique experience, you will explore the different Behavioral Elements (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) and how you can tap into each preference in a way that improves relationships, performance, and ultimately successful outcomes. This talk will give you a better understanding of self and others, along with immediately usable tools and tactics to assist you in maneuvering the jungles of modern-day leadership.